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Food is Good — A Meditation Upon Humanity


Food is Good — A Meditation Upon Humanity

©By Vijaya Sundaram

Published on March 20th, 2013

I am always amazed and grateful that there is so much good food in the world, and yet people starve.  Soul-crushing tyrannies, rampant capitalism, war, famine, flood, indifference … All of the hatefulness of humans conspire to keep people hungry in so many parts of the world — it’s a matter of intense shame to me.

If you have food, share it.

If you have the time, feed people.

If you have the money to spare, give it to the starving, the weak, the poor.

There is no excuse for indifference.

Don’t moralize piously about how the poor, the weak and the hungry should work for food.

Give them food FIRST!

Try working on an empty stomach — after many days of not eating.

How easy it is for you to prate on and on about how the poor expect handouts!  What about you?  You got plenty, only it came in the form of unquestioned privilege.

It is as simple as this:  Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend to the sick, offer love to all living creatures.  Leave, don’t take.

You don’t need religion to tell you this–you need what my mother would term “manusha thanmai” — a sense of humanity.

It is this, and only this which will save us all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Author: Dreamer of Dreams

I'm a spirit in the material world (thanks, Sting). What? Musician, poet, playwright (if writing three or four plays or so counts), maker of stories, songs, singer, guitarist, sitarist, teacher, lover of language Who? Wife of a most loving, musical, funny and brilliant man. Who? Mother of a lovely daughter who lights up our lives. A secret (not anymore, I guess): From time to time, and depending on which book it is (not mysteries), I love looking at the last page of a book, and then proceed to read the whole thing to figure out how "they" got "there." (Psst! I do the same with mazes -- bad, I know!) I like the journey and the end. I'd like to leave only words scattered on the four winds when I leave. Then, a barely audible sigh. Then, a wisp. Then, nothing. On a more mundane note, I am Indian in descent and upbringing, and American by citizenship. Life is good (though it was not always a cakewalk).

2 thoughts on “Food is Good — A Meditation Upon Humanity

  1. I love your passion and the sensibility of this post

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